No7 Pro Derm Scan with Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly

No7 Pro Derm Scan service will launch in Boots stores from 6th April 2022, enabling free access to dermatologist-grade device, available nationwide for the first time.

No7, the UK’s number one skincare brand[1], today announces the launch of Pro Derm Scan; a game-changing new diagnostic service which will give customers the ultimate in personalised, accessible skincare and cosmetic recommendations. The new No7 Pro Derm Scan service uses a hand-held diagnostic device which analyses both skin condition AND skin tone. This technology combined with the expert advice of the No7 Beauty Advisors, is the first and only service of its kind to be available nationwide, providing free skincare analysis for Boots customers with a dermatologist-grade device.

No7’s Pro Derm Scan service will enable UK shoppers to understand their skin better and make the right decisions for their skincare and cosmetics routines based on scientific analysis of their own skin, providing confidence that they are purchasing products tailored to their specific needs and concerns. The launch follows research conducted by No7 on 2,000 UK women which found that 75 per cent of women only use a third of their skincare and makeup with a further 86 per cent confirming they have bought a skincare product only to try it and find it doesn’t suit their skin.

Tried and tested on over 6,000 No7 customers in the UK over a three-month trial period, the award-winning cutting-edge technology has taken six years to develop and is a result of a partnership with Canadian tech firm FitSkin® with the assistance of Prof. Rod Hay, Consultant Dermatologist. The technology, powered by Fitskin®, captures images of the skin at 30 times magnification and uses machine learning technology to evaluate the results, to aid No7 Beauty Advisors in recommending the best skincare and cosmetics products and regime. The No7 Pro Derm Scan device was developed with a team of PhD colour scientists at the former Kodak colour lab in Rochester, NY, to provide simultaneous analysis across both skin condition and skin tone. This allows customers to not only find suitable skincare recommendations with the help of an expert advisor, but also accurately shade match foundations to their own skin tone.

No7 Pro Derm Scan and Claudia Winkleman


Suitable for all skin tones, No7 Pro Derm Scan recreates the controlled setting of a scientific laboratory to analyse skin, providing highly accurate images and measurements. The tool is designed to deliver high-resolution scanning that can detect subtle changes to the skin and skin features smaller than 0.02mm (five times smaller than a human hair) before they become apparent to the naked eye.  It uses a wealth of scientific research and expertise to analyse the results of the scans and provide the customer with personalised skin scores for key skin measures. Twenty million skin areas are analysed per scan, to provide scientifically validated analysis of skin tone and four skin parameters: fine lines and wrinkles, pores, oil balance and hydration. To date, the device has been granted four international patents, with 16 patents pending.  

Kirandeep Sandhu – No7 Global Skincare Innovation Manager comments, “No7’s Pro Derm Scan service is a game-changer, bringing skin analysis technology with a human touch to the high street. Through a personalised consultation with our No7 Beauty Advisors, No7 consumers will be able to see their skin like never before, understand how their skin is performing, and receive expert advice on the right skincare and cosmetics products and regimes for their skin. We are delivering a significant step-change in consumers’ experience of skin diagnostics and their understanding of their own skin, by continuing to bring even more personalised services to consumers, underpinned by our scientific credibility and skin expertise.”

1 Source: Kantar Total Market | 5 w/e 26th December 2021 | Boots No.7 Value Share of Mass Female/Unisex Skincare

22000 UK women surveyed | CensusWide | March 2022

No7 Pro Derm Scan and Tess Daly

How it works

The Pro Derm Scan device has three key functions – a hydration sensor, a magnification lens, and multispectral-lighting. These functions are essential in order to conduct skin and skin tone analysis above and below the skin’s surface while working on all skin types. 

  • HYDRATION SENSOR: the highly accurate capacitive sensor measures hydration above and beneath the skin’s surface providing an accurate measure of the water present in the top layers of the skin.
  • MAGNIFICATION LENS: the 30x magnification lens detects skin features five times smaller than a human hair. It is 1000 x more powerful than the human eye.
  • MULTISPECTRAL-LIGHTING: it is built with 12 LED lights, including cross-polarized lights (which see beneath the skin surface) and blue/UV lights which are used to illuminate skin consistently from scan-to-scan, creating a precise lighting environment. This means store lighting does not impact the results at all.

The 15-minute No7 Pro Derm Scan consultation involves skin analysis using the dermatologist-grade device

followed by personalised product and regime recommendations from the expert No7 Beauty Advisor. The service is available in 459 Boots stores nationwide and appointments can be booked online at from Wednesday 6th April 2022. No7 customers can also rediscover the secret to amazing skin with the reassurance of the No7 challenge; try the products for four weeks and if you don’t love the results you get your money back.  

No7 Pro Derm Scan is the latest scientific innovation from the brand. Founded in 1935, No7 is committed to making premium skincare and cosmetic products inclusive, accessible and affordable for everyone. From initiatives such as its CIBTAC endorsed Skin School training programme for No7 Beauty Advisors, to its industry-leading Creator Collective initiative that aims to tackle misinformation in skincare and cosmetics in the influencer space, No7 continues to lead the way in accessible clinical beauty.  


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