Grand opening of Hancocks London’s new premises on St James’s Street represents a new chapter in the brand’s storied history, honouring the past as it moves in to the future

June 2024: Hancocks London, a renowned name synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled luxury in the world of fine jewellery, is proud to announce the official grand opening of its new premises on one of London’s principal streets.

The move to 62 St James’s Street, which is located around the corner from The Ritz and a stone throw from St James’s Palace, marks a significant milestone in the illustrious history of Hancocks London.

The decision to expand into its new premises was driven by a desire to return to the jeweller’s roots. Guy Burton, Managing Director of Hancocks London, explains: “Throughout our history, Hancocks has served as a distinguished jeweller and manufacturer. In 1849, we were originally the House of Hancocks, known for manufacturing jewellery, important silverware and the like for clients including royalty, heads of state, and the great and the good. In 1916, we went on to become more of a shop and, post war, continued selling vintage jewellery, and signed jewellery, while also still making our own designs. As we now move forward, it feels both authentic and deeply meaningful that we go back to being what we were originally known as: one of the world’s foremost independent jewellery houses.”

With its rich legacy, including four Royal Warrants awarded, Hancocks has long been a destination for discerning clientele, seeking the finest in bespoke jewellery and exceptional service. Now, the jeweller can share its unique and historic story in its new Georgian townhouse premises and showcase its full collection for the first time in decades.

Guy Burton says: “Our new premises represent the modern Hancocks of today while acknowledging our historic roots. It is four times bigger than our previous space and we have been able to reimagine the customer journey and are now able to offer a bespoke and intimate experience befitting of our jewels.”

With a focus on comfort, ample space, and the freedom to explore jewellery at leisure, clients will be able to explore their jewellery interest, and discover more about a particular piece in the process.

By eschewing traditional retail counters, clients can immerse themselves fully in the world of fine jewellery, roam freely, and enjoy a friendly gallery-like experience.

Hancocks’ new premises in the heart of St James’s, are perfectly positioned, in between Piccadilly and Pall Mall. The building has five imposing floors and features a prominent window frontage to iconic St James’s Street.

Clients will be greeted by a Hancocks London doorman, who will be seen wearing Saville Row tailoring. In typical Hancocks’ style, a selection of impressive fine jewellery will be on display in bespoke window cabinets.

Floored by Magnificent Jewels

Hancocks London’s new home includes three floors dedicated exclusively to jewellery. Each floor tells a distinctive story, depicted through the jewellery on display.


Guy Burton explains: “For those who want to browse and take in the pieces without being accompanied if, or until they wish, they can do this due to the clever design we have used. This is very unusual in the jewellery world and allows clients to feel relax when visiting us – this is very important to us.”


Each Gallery floor also has curated spaces where customers can view and try on jewellery in private.

Ground Floor: Sackville Gallery

Step into the bejewelled world of Hancocks London

The ground floor has been designed to showcase jewellery, encouraging visitors to explore and at the same time be inspired. Clients will be able to roam around and view a wide selection of jewellery which illustrate what makes Hancocks London’s collections so unique.

The pieces, which will be beautifully displayed, will act as a taster as to what to expect on the next two floors. On this floor, visitors will also be able to learn more about Hancocks London’s handmade signet rings.

The walls will be lined with Hancocks London’s extensive library of books on jewellery, makers and eras, its ledger books, as well as its historic diary which dates back to 1780, offering a glimpse into Hancocks’ rich history and enduring legacy.

Hancocks London’s curation of historic tiaras will also be displayed along with notable pieces from Hancocks’ own archive at key times throughout the year including the Napoleon jug made by Hancocks for Napolean III, the last Emperor of France. This was part of Hancocks London’s display in the 1867 Paris Exhibition.

An area dedicated to The Victoria Cross medal, which Hancocks is proud to make since the company was instituted by Queen Victoria to do this in 1856, will also be showcased and honoured later this year given it is an important part of the company’s history.

First Floor: Bruton Gallery

Where legacy meets luxury

Here, visitors will be able to preview a remarkable collection of vintage, antique, and signed pieces from the world’s best jewellery houses. From timeless heirlooms to rare finds, each piece tells a story of history, heritage, craftsmanship and artistry, and now Hancocks will have the space to really share the stories associated with each of these pieces.


Second Floor: Burlington Gallery

Gems of distinction

Nestled on the second floor will be Hancocks London’s extensive and meticulously curated old cut diamond collection which is regarded as one of the most significant in the world. Alongside these one-of-a-kind diamonds, clients will have the opportunity to marvel at a selection of important gemstones, and engage with Hancocks’ knowledgeable experts in the most luxurious of settings.

For those celebrating engagements and special milestones, champagne will be served in a secret bar area – its design inspired by the spectacular Art Noveau Grand Hotel Tremezzo mirrored entrance.

Guy Burton comments: “Our new home provides us with the perfect space to showcase our unparalleled collection of incredibly rare, one-of-a-kind pieces we make and curate as well as our wider collections and pieces from our own archive.”

Celebrating best of British craftsmanship and design

Collaborating closely with British interior designers Barlow & Barlow and architects Arke, the new gallery space effortlessly merges heritage with contemporary flair. Drawing inspiration from quintessential British design elements, the interiors are elegant and opulent, capturing a timeless allure with a sense of sophistication. Original features including fireplaces have been retained wherever possible.

In keeping with its commitment to sustainability, Hancocks has worked with teams of master craftsmen, used mainly British-made materials, and incorporated a significant number of antique and recycled furniture into the design.

Honouring its history

Hancocks’ new home was originally built in the 18th Century and has lived a life as a residence, Victorian military tailors/uniform manufacturers, and yacht brokers.

This house now pays homage to Hancocks’ storied history, with artwork and exhibits showcasing notable moments and achievements, including the mounting of the Hope Diamond and commissions for esteemed figures such as Napoleon III and the Rt. Hon. Antony Eden, British Prime Minister (1955-57).

Hancocks also enlisted the expertise of an independent historian to delve into its rich history and to facilitate the digitisation of its historical diary dating back to 1870. The original diary will be on display in the new premises, offering visitors a glimpse into its storied past. It is also going to be available to a global audience in a digitised format and will be available to view on Hancocks’ soon to launch new website.

Guy Burton says: “With this move, we reaffirm our commitment to providing our clients with an unparalleled experience and a showcase of the finest craftsmanship in the world of jewellery. We are excited to be creating our own moment in Hancocks’ history and being able to showcase our full collection of the finest jewels we have curated for the first time in many, many years.

“We are really thrilled to unveil our new home on St James’s Street. It’s a space that not only honours our rich heritage but also embodies the essence of modern luxury,” added Guy Burton.

Once settled in, Hancocks London is also planning to host or curate small exhibitions, jewellery talks and events for its clients and members of the public.

Hancocks London new location and address is: 62 St James’s Street, London SW1A 1LY and telephone numbers remain the same + 44 (0)20 793 8904, click here for directions. Guy, Amy, and the rest of the team look forward to showing you around the new House of Hancocks.


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