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Maria has organised some of the most impressive PR events I've been to. She's no-nonsense, down-to-earth, kind, smart and funny. It's a pleasure to work with her. She is also one of the most connected PRs I know.  A delight to work with.  
Lucy Cleland
Editorial Director, Country & Townhouse
I have always found Maria and MB Communications an absolute delight to work with.  Maria is the most organised, efficient, creative - and above all cheerful - people I've had the pleasure to work with who is able to find a solution to any problem. She is very well regarded by all the editors I know which is rare in the PR world.
Alison Phillips
Editor, Daily Mirror 
A legendary newspaper editor once told me: “Any old fool can come up with a good idea - it’s making it happen that counts”.  Maria makes it happen. What more could you want?
Jackie Annesley
Editor, You Magazine
There are PRs who send out press releases, PRs who talk a great game but fail to deliver, and then there’s Maria Boyle. I have been dealing with her for several years and her approaches with stories are always focussed and targeted with the audience in mind. She is fun, tenacious and, quite simply, one of the best.
Maggie O’Riordan
Deputy Editor, The Times
Maria is one of the best PRs in the business. She is a joy to deal with, really helpful, no nonsense, funny and, as well as delivering top PR for her clients, she also pulls off some of the best and most interesting events I have had the pleasure of being invited to. 
Sinead McIntyre
Editor in Chief, Fabulous Brand, Sun on Sunday

I've been working with Maria for years on any number of different stories and she's always incredibly fast and responsive, buzzing with ideas, and delivers on what she promises.

Sasha Slater
Editor-in-Chief, Luxury, The Daily Telegraph
It might sound like a cliché, but Maria is a dream to work with. She is one of those rare PRs who is able to deliver exactly what her clients need, but also knows what works for the publication - without any drama, but always with good humour.  She’s one of the best in the industry.
Caroline Barrett
Executive Editor, Lifestyle, The Telegraph
Maria has always impressed me with her diligent, well-researched and creative approach to her clients. She can always be relied upon for understanding what I, as a journalist, need and what's more, she is a pleasure to work with!
Rachel Garrahan
New York Times, FT, VOGUE
Maria Boyle is the real deal. She’s charming, she’s funny, she’s a class act and she also completely gets the business we are in, so she knows what the client needs, what the writer wants and does everything to make things work with the optimum outcome for everyone. In a world of paste, Maria is a true gem.
Louise Gannon
Celebrity interviewer
Unlike many PRs, Maria has a very clear understanding of what we write and why we write it. Her suggestions are always well considered and intelligent, and she's good fun into the bargain.
Helen Barrett
FT Wealth contributor, Financial Times
Smart, sassy, quick and to the point - that's what Maria delivers. Creative and extremely hard-working with a good sense of humour, she is a journalist's dream PR.
Kay Burley
Newsreader, Presenter and Journalist, Sky News
Maria is the Mary Portas of the PR world.
Lorraine Kelly
Maria is persuasive, realistic and charming. I have tremendous respect for her because she has the rather rare ability to think laterally at all times. If I've ever rejected an idea, she's come back immediately with a plan b, c, or d. She thinks on her feet, but then puts plans straight into motion. I know, for example, that we can close a deal and I can concentrate on my stories while Maria does everything - and more - that she’s promised. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her, because she gets results and that is all that matters in her business, and ours. I spend my life avoiding calls from PRs. I pick up the phone to Maria immediately. That probably says it all!
Amanda Cable
Perhaps the greatest thing about Maria Boyle is her ability to think like a journalist - and pitch her clients accordingly. She not only always instinctively knows how to get them coverage, but is somehow able to ensure it's just the right kind of coverage. When her name pings into my inbox, I know it's going to be something exciting - and that she will already have come up with a multitude of potential angles for me to think about.
Celia Walden
US Editor-at-Large, The Daily Telegraph
Bubbly, enthusiastic and full of ideas, Maria is a dream to work with. She understands what journalists need and her passion for her clients is infectious.
Rosie Nixon
Editor-in-chief, HELLO! and HELLO! Fashion
Maria has singlehandedly transformed the Wallpaper relationship with Bonhams jewellery department. Her creative and intelligent, thoughtful approach to her clients and our needs makes for a brilliant, satisfying professional exchange.  She has also taken time to nurture our relationship with her other brands. She is that rare thing - a total and utter pro. And good fun with it.
Caragh McKay
Watches & Jewellery Director, Wallpaper*
I tell everyone that Maria is a force of nature. She’s friendly, open and tenacious without being pushy.  She has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to clients and her pitches are relevant. She’s very much an advocate for her clients and a great source for journalists.
Anthony de Marco
Writer, Jewelry News Network & Forbes
I have known and worked with Maria for years. In a business when you can be plagued by pitches for stories that are either a) hopeless or b) totally unsuitable for our readership, it is always good to pick up the phone and hear Maria’s pitch on the other end. She is straightforward to deal with, being both honest and refreshingly free of bullshit. A pleasure to deal with.
Damian Whitworth
Features Writer, The Times
I am always reluctant to recommend PR companies, but MB Communications is the one with an exception. They do a fantastic job and are always excellent to deal with. Maria is a lady with lots of drive, enthusiasm and never takes a no for an answer!
Inga Lovric
Senior Producer, BBC
Working with Maria Boyle Communications over several years while I've held a variety of newspaper roles has been an absolute pleasure. Maria's a consummate comms professional; her pitches are razor sharp, she knows her clients and their products intimately and she's full of creative ideas on how to turn PR into entertaining, informative news content. She's incredibly reliable, fact checks her releases thoroughly and works closely with journalist to help them, on the understanding that news does not just mean quoting a press release word for word but treating it as a starting point to a story. I'd be happy to recommend her to media professional and potential clients.
Matt Nixson
Head of Features, The Daily Express
Maria Boyle is easily one of my favourite PRs. I’ve known her for several years, and dealing with her is always a joy – not only because she is straight forward and knowledgeable with infectious levels of energy, but because she generates and suggests ideas to me that are tailored specifically to the titles I work on. Amazingly hardly anyone else does this – which makes her an asset that shouldn’t be underestimated.
Jessica Diamond
Watch and Jewellery Editor, Conde Nast Traveller & Sunday Times Style
As a jewelry historian and editor, it is an absolute joy to work with Maria who has an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. The press releases she composes are among the very best and most thorough I have ever come across. Once I receive them it is a breeze to write a story because all the interesting material has already been efficiently assembled. She is imaginative with her pitches and unfailingly gracious in her follow-up. There are few publicists I could recommend as highly in the niche field of fine jewelry.
Marion Fasel
Founder & Editorial Director, The Adventurine
Maria is an absolute pleasure to work with – on a professional and personal level. She completely “gets” what journalists and editors need: clear and timely information, well-written and well-researched press releases, always a strong selection of images ready for print, and ability to set up an interview quickly and at the most convenient time for both her clients and the journalist. I have been constantly impressed by her pro-active approach, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge of her clients. She is a real champion of what they do and her enthusiasm comes across in every interaction. As an editor inundated with press releases that are not always effective in communicating the company’s message her emails always stand out. Maria and I have never met as I am not based in the UK but her approachable style, readiness to help with quick turnaround and her clear vision for her clients have earned her my respect and have managed to create a strong working relation. One of her clients described her as a “formidable PR” and I couldn’t agree more.
Sonia Esther Soltani
Editor in Chief, Rapaport
Maria Boyle is at the top of her game - one of the few PRs whose calls I will always take. She never wastes my time and her stories are always both excellent and actionable. A true professional who calls it as it is.
Eleanor Mills
Founder and Editor In Chief of
It's rare to encounter a PR contact as available, reliable and smart as Maria. She asks great questions, delivers spot-on answers, and shares her myriad connections in the world of media with the grace and generosity of a true professional. HIGHLY recommended!
Victoria Gomelsky
Editor-in-Chief, JCK Magazine
In short, Maria and her team "get it". They know what makes a good story, how to package it and how to sell it. They are prepared to go the extra mile to give journalists what they need to satisfy demanding newsdesks and get the story on the page. That's how they get great media coverage for their clients.
Sarah Knapton
Science Editor, The Daily Telegraph
Maria Boyle is one of the brightest and sharpest PR execs I have ever met during my 10 years working on national newspapers. Above all she has the rare and precious quality of knowing what a story is - and she also has the ability to obtain maximum exposure for her clients into the bargain. She is simply a dream to work with and a top, top PR professional.
Natasha Harding
Books Editor, The Sun
Maria Boyle is a rare creature indeed - a PR person whose call you DO want to take. She knows exactly how and where to pitch possible stories and doesn't waste journalists' time with irrelevancies. She is never unpleasantly pushy and is always responsive and intelligent.
Hannah Richardson
Education Reporter, BBC News
Maria is a complete dynamo and one of the very few people who really ‘gets’ it from all angles when it comes to beauty editorial – she knows which style of approach will appeal most to different media outlets, how to tie any current offering in to their varying needs and is a demon on effective follow-through!
Alice Hart-Davis
Freelance Beauty Journalist
I love working with Maria. She is fun, no nonsense and delivers what she promises. A rare gem.
Marianne Jones
Editor, podcast host and former editor of Telegraph Magazine & Stella


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