Creating a Meaningful Life in Uncertain Times

Michal Oshman
Paperback | 7 September 2023 | £9.99

Embark on a journey of self-discovery as you learn
the secrets to living a fearless, meaningful life.


Today, more than ever, we act out of fear. We fear change, rejection, failure, and suffering. But what if we could find a way to live that looks to the future instead of the past? What if we could replace our fear with purpose, and discover our potential for growth instead of focusing on our limits?

Global mentor for leaders in some of the world’s biggest tech companies including TikTok and Facebook, Michal Oshman has created a unique personal growth methodology that challenges you to explore what really matters and offers solutions to everyday struggles.

Covering everything from relationships to parenting, developing your career to dealing with past traumas and controlling anxiety, these tools will empower you to embrace change and discover who you really are and what you were born to do with your life. This unique book will help you to find your courage and move forward freely to embrace a life that is free from fear.


About Michal Oshman:

Michal Oshman is the former Head of Company Culture at TikTok and International Leadership Development Executive at Facebook. Throughout her career, Michal has trained and coached hundreds of tech leaders at TikTok, Facebook, eBay, and WPP, inspiring others and helping organisations build healthy workplaces. Michal served as an officer in the Israeli Defence Forces and she has three university degrees in psychodynamic and systemic thinking, sociology and anthropology. Michal lives with her husband and their four children in London, UK.


Praise for What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?


‘As someone who worked with Michal I can honestly say that she lives and demonstrates the wisdom she writes about. If you want to learn how to combine a meaningful and spiritual life with a successful career – this is a must read.’

Lady Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, Vice President Global Business Group, Meta


‘Michal Oshman writes from the heart. She shares her personal life experiences candidly and openly to connect meaningfully with the reader. Her life lessons are sure to resonate with any reader curious about how to live a meaningful life in a very complex world. This book is equally relevant in the working and personal dimensions of our lives.’

Loren I. Shuster, Chief People Officer & Head of Corporate Affairs, The LEGO Group


‘This special book by Michal Oshman will change how you approach your life, in a spiritual as well as practical way. The book is truly empowering and allows you to connect and learn from the author’s personal life experiences in a meaningful way.’

Julien Wettstein, Head of Editorial for Europe, Middle East and Africa, LinkedIn


‘There are so many lightbulb- moments. I couldn’t wait to start this, and once I did. I couldn’t put it down. Meaningful, useful, practical, and with so many aspects I can use to support individuals to embed Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion into their daily work. This book touches the soul and provides many amazing life lessons. Thank you Michal Oshman for a beautiful and incredibly inspiring read. I’m looking forward to sharing all the learnings with my network.’

Priscilla Balfour, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Unilever


‘Michal has a wonderful way of marrying old wisdom with new contexts. You’ll be glad you took a leap of faith and explored this book, no matter what faith you hold or don’t. It’s a manual for life, for leadership, and for all of us.’

Diana Barea, Managing Director of Strategy, Accenture



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