Protagonist James Falconer returns in this evocative new addition to Barbara Taylor Bradford’s House of Falconer series, The Wonder of It All is Barbara Taylor Bradford at her very best

International bestselling author Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE’s 40th book, The Wonder of It All, is about to be published this autumn on both sides of the Atlantic.

Described as “the grande dame of blockbusters’, “Queen of the genre”, Barbara is one of the most successful and famous writers in the world with cumulative sales topping 90 millions globally and her latest novel is set to continue the line of immensely satisfying bestsellers, much to the anticipated delight of her fans.

Aptly entitled The Wonder of It All, Barbara Taylor Bradford bring back the charismatic James Falconer for the third historical novel in the beloved Victorian family saga – The House of Falconer series.

In this novel, which is published on 9th November 2023, James has risen from being a barrow boy on a London market to wealthy businessman. But not everything in his life has been as successful as his retail empire. Having lost his wife – and now estranged from his only child – he volunteers to fight in the Great War. Away from his business empire in London, he is simply a soldier, war the great leveller. And when he is gravely wounded at the Battle of the Somme in 1916, unlike his men, and unknown to them, deep down, Falconer doesn’t care if he lives or dies.

Through his convalescence, James swears to repair his fractured relationship with his daughter Leonie and to hold different things dear. But society is changing fast, riven by post-war hardship and yet revolutionised by sweeping changes, from suffragettes winning the vote to motorcars on the streets. With a new sense of what is really important, James must weather both personal and professional storms to find a happiness beyond his success.

Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE comments:

“I loved writing this book as, like many of my readers know, I have a deep fascination with social history combined with historical moments which changed the world forever. It was wonderful to reacquaint myself with the smart and very handsome James Falconer and lead him around the world on matters of the heart as well as business. Before I wrote it, I researched a huge amount about the Great War and the changes it wrought through society. I also wanted to bring a young woman into James’s story as his heir. I love to write novels set in the past, but I always say that human nature never changes. My years as a journalist taught me that.”

Barbara Taylor Bradford’s loyal readers contact her throughout the year:

“I have female – and male – readers who write or email, thanking me for inspiring them – be it to be a writer, start a new business or change their whole life set up. The cast of characters I have created over the last 40 or so years have touched a great many lives in such a positive way and I’m always amazed to hear people’s stories.”

On writing 40 novels, Barbara Taylor Bradford adds:

“One minute I was writing A Woman of Substance and didn’t know what a storm that would create, and the next I’m about to publish my 40th book. I have to pinch myself as I look at the inside first few pages of each new book, see this list of titles, it’s quite a feat! When I have time, I go back and re-read some of my books and, at the end, I think, ‘well that was a great read’. As to what next, I am about to start plotting my next novel and can’t wait to start it as after all, remember what Noel Coward once said, ‘work is much more fun than fun’!”

Barbara Taylor Bradford’s The Wonder of It All will be published 9th November 2023, HarperCollins £20.00. For more information please click here


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