January 2022: The UK’s leading hair and colour salon Jo Hansford Harvey Nichols is offering clients a chance to update their look in 2022 with a range of new services launching this month.

These include a Jo Hansford Hair History Colour Consultation, the chance to have a full (hair) MOT including a Hair & Scalp check up, Haircials, Split End SOS treatment and, continuing the trend of Veganuary, vegan tints and vegan hair colour.

The new services will also be offered alongside the salon’s range of expert colour and styling services.

Joanna Hansford, MD of Jo Hansford salon, explains more:

“Healthy hair is beautiful hair and we always believe condition is an essential part of the process at Jo Hansford as it provides the foundation to perfect colour and styling. Our Mayfair and Knighsbridge salons provide a wide range of hair spa treatments, some of which offer instantaneous results to moisturise, repair, and ensure the ultimate shine, and others which involve consultations with the UK’s most respected independent hair experts.”

“Hair is often neglected when it comes to the New Year with people focusing instead on diet and exercise but giving your hair an annual review and really checking colour, hair health and overall style is the fastest way to getting a new look without having to detox, diet and change your lifestyle in an extreme way.”

The services in detail include:

1. Jo Hansford Hair History Analysis:

This involves one of Jo Hansford’s expert colourists reviewing a client’s colour, a detailed discussion in relation to the full history of the hair colour and an analysis of the hair shaft.

The hour-and-a-half long session also includes a wet porosity test to assess condition and from this, the Jo Hansford colourist will be able to see whether a client’s hair can withstand the colour requested and how easy it will be to create the desired result.

Louisa Moore comments:

“We often have clients who believe they have no colour on their hair as they had something done years ago which would have washed or faded out or was a semi-permanent. However, these products can often stay on the hair longer than you may think and the hair will need more attention to detail when colouring to get the perfect look.”

The consultation will include expert colour recommendation and utilise actual hair pieces which will be held next to a client’s face so they can see how the colour would look next to their skin tone. The colourist will also share inspiration and suggestions via a number of sources including the salon’s specially programmed ipads and style and colour books. For the truly bespoke look, there will be an opportunity to create a client’s own pin/mood board of images.

In addition, the pre colour assessment would include:

  • Patch test (as usual)
  • Strand test (if required)
  • Clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup
  • Hair mask to prep the hair in advance of colour – this will help to reduce any breakage and strengthen and condition the hair
  • 15-minute scalp stimulating massage
  • Blow dry

Prices from £80.00

The salon is also able to create a number of bespoke packages depending on the client including:

  1. First foray into colour (new colour clients)
  2. Rebuild and gloss (stressed hair needing SOS)
  3. Colour correction/change (those wanting a complete change for the New Year).

Prices from £150.00

2. Trichological MOT: The Hair and Scalp Health Check-up

Jo Hansford’s Knightsbridge salon, which is located on the Fourth Floor of Harvey Nichols, is proud to partner with one of the world’s leading trichologists, Dr Hugh Rushton of The Rushton Clinic. As part of Dr Rushton’s in-salon consultancy services, he and his team will be offering Jo Hansford clients The Trichological MOT: The Hair and Scalp Health Check-up.

What is it? Using high magnification digital video and photo technology, this detailed check-up service thoroughly assesses all aspects of your hair and scalp’s health.

Why is it useful? Dr Hugh Rushton comments

“Regular checking of your hair and scalp can be vital for numerous reasons. The importance of a regular assessment of our skin, particularly in the areas that are difficult to see ourselves, cannot be understated. Spotting any changes early provides the best opportunity to ensure we receive potentially lifesaving medical intervention without delay.”

But a Hair and Scalp Check-up does not stop at just looking for abnormal lumps and bumps. It offers a chance to assess and monitor many common ailments, such as dandruff, inflammation, and hair loss. Objective assessment by magnified video and photo technology will help accurately manage and track the improvement of these stubborn conditions. Plus, a detailed assessment of the hair and scalp will ensure there are no signs of hair damage or other hair shaft abnormalities that might prevent a client from achieving the look they desire.

Consultations from £85.00

3. Haircial

Jo Hansford’s signature Haircial for 2022 will encompass the Kerastase Fusion Scrub, a range developed to deeply cleanse the scalp and the hair from pollution particles. It is a new, efficient way to answer today’s main hair concerns: greasy scalp, dandruff and lifeless lengths. This not only cleanses the scalp but will result in healthier-looking, bouncy and shiny hair.

How it works: Clients are given the choice of two scrubs: ‘Apaisant’ that will soothe the scalp or ‘Energisant’ to energise and volumise the hair. Next steps is an application of Jo Hansford Intensive Masque which will be left on the hair with a warm towel wrapped around it for 10 minutes. This will renourish and moisturise hair that has been left frazzled by too much styling, straightening and tonging in the run up to Christmas. The haircial works to repair the hair, quenched with an innovative infusion of moisturising and strengthening ingredients.

Hair will then be trimmed to remove any split or dead ends to ensure it is looking its ultimate best for the New Year ahead.

Jo Hansford signature Haircial treatment lasts for 90 minutes and starts from £180.00.

4. Veganuary – go vegan – with vegan hair colour too…

Jo Hansford Harvey Nichols also offers its clients the option to have vegan colour. The specialist colourist uses Oway products, both for colouring and care. These are the first and only professional hair care and colour line made with biodynamic (and organic, fair trade and non-toxic) ingredients. The high performance colour comes in packaging that is fully recyclable materials.

Bridget Kearney who specialises in vegan colour at Jo Hansford Harvey Nichols comments:

“The quality and longevity of a vegan colour are equivalent to regular colour; one can expect excellent richness, vibrancy, and shine. As with any colour service, the quality of the hair and any previous colour work will impact determining how quickly your colour can fade.”

Prices for colouring from £130.00 for a tint and from £315.00 for a full head of highlights.

5. Jo Hansford Split End Treatment

Jo Hansford Split End Solution is a keratin hair-repairing treatment that coats the ends of the hair to nourish and seal them.

The treatment smoothes and soothes hair that has been damaged from too much sun, sea or hair straightening, leaving it shiny, sleek and in optimum condition for hair growth. It is perfect for anyone who wants to grow their hair, but split ends mean they have to forgo this to have frequent trims. With two formulas for coloured and non-coloured hair, those with tinted or highlighted hair can also book in safe in the knowledge that the treatment will not strip or dull just-coloured hair.

The application process involves three shampoos with a clarifying shampoo to take the moisture out of the hair, rough-drying, plenty of keratin applied on the hair, 20 minutes under the lamp and straightening to finish.

Price from £150.00 and includes a blow dry.

Jo Hansford Harvery Nichols will be open seven days a week, from 10am-7pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm-6pm on Sundays. for bookings, please call the salon on 020 7112 1493 or email Harveynichols@johansford.com

Jo Hansford Mayfair salon is open Tuesday to Saturday 8.30am-6pm and Monday 830am-5.30pm (Reception only). Tel: 020 7495 7774 or email reception@johansford.com



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