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Jo Hansford salon shares latest hair styling and colour trends for autumn and winter 2021

As we head in to autumn, we will continue to see clients returning regularly to the salon and an increase of the ‘revenge spenders’. These are the people who have felt very restricted by being at home for so long during the pandemic and now want to spend their money on themselves and are happy to have higher maintenance looks again.

There is growing demand for heavy highlights around the front of the hair which is becoming known as ‘The Money Piece’.  This is created using a mix of weaving and slicing back-to -back pieces for at least a cm to an inch at the front of the hair. It can be used on any hair colour and adapted to the desired shade.

We are also seeing a move away from balyage to more traditional highlights but with a smudged root called a ‘Base Breaker’ this creates a seamless blend without the rawness from the root of the highlights. We love using this technique as we often find clients say they prefer their hair after a week, once the colour settles and doesn’t look so stark, so this is a great way to achieve that look without waiting.

For the more daring clients, we are also picturing dark hair being emboldened by halos of a multitude of shades and tones such as reds, pinks, blues and yellows, orange, greys and white. Dua Lipa has this. This colour trend can also be done without fashion colours using more defined lighter sections.

Warmer Blondes/Brunettes

We are seeing a move towards warmer tones which clients used to be afraid of but now they are leaving behind the cool, ashy, blondes and brunettes and embracing this. We usually advise in colour consultations what tones best suit our clients complexions, but most do seem to want to steer towards ashier tones, when actually warmer tones can really be complementary to a lot of people, and sit beautifully with their complexions. 

Orange Coppers

We are also predicting more people choosing the very orange coppers rather than the deeper more natural looking ones such as titian and also believe this is due to clients being happy to commit to higher maintenance looks that are more striking and individual. Reds and more fiery reds are also seeing resurgence! Celebrities opting for this include Gigi Hadid, Madelaine Petsch and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Styling Trends

It’s all about fringes! Whether grown out curtain bangs or short and sharp, fringes are big for autumn/winter 2021. This, alongside edgy long mullets, which are messier and shaggier, are creating the ‘bed head’ look of the 90s.

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