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Luxury drinks catering company drinksfusion has appointed Maria Boyle Communications Ltd to handle its PR.

Renowned for its creativity, sublime drinks and professional service, drinksfusion serves up stylish and phenomenal cocktails at some of the UK’s most prestigious venues, such as Tate Galleries, V&A, Buckingham Palace and The Royal Academy of Arts.

Normally the company would be at their busiest this time of year but due to the pandemic the company has instead devoted time to launch its bespoke mixology boxes.

Maria Boyle Communications has been brought on board to launch the company’s home delivery service, created by drinksfusion founder Johan Svensson. As well as being widely known for his flavour foraging skills, Svensson has a reputation for being one of the best cocktail gurus in the world and has been described as the ‘king of cocktails’ and the A-listers ‘go to’ cocktail maestro.

Each of the three boxes reflect Svensson’s passion for creating truly unique drinks and his obsession for sourcing remarkable natural flavours. Drinks menus are seasonally inspired, with a focus on sustainability, and use expertly crafted, homemade liqueurs, aperitifs, naturally fermented sodas, cordials and shrubs. They are seasoned with hand-foraged botanicals to give each drink a distinctive character. Inside each box will be classic cocktail glasses to suit each drink, professional bar equipment and cocktail garnishes, botanicals and fruit to add a stylish and impressive finish.

Johan Svensson, founder of drinksfusion, commented:

“We’re really excited to be working with Maria and her team to launch our curated mixology boxes so people can create exquisite drinks, using 100 per cent hand made products from all-natural ingredients. They are ideal for intimate get togethers with friends, family or colleagues – either in real life or something that can be done virtually.”

“Maria is a consummate PR professional and understands the world of luxury and artisans. We’re delighted to be working with her and look forward to evolving our brand.”

Maria Boyle added:

“First class companies like drinksfusion has had their whole business pipeline stopped and have had to pivot as part of the pandemic. What struck me about Johan is that he has done this with amazing attention to detail and not settling for second best. The drinksfusion mixology boxes are the Rolls Royce of cocktail delivery boxes and people need to know about them as we’re all over wine and beer at home and want something interesting and experiential to enjoy to do, especially as our social lives are restricted. We’re delighted to be working on such a premium product and service and can’t wait to start!”

As well as delivering the ingredients, equipment, glasses, ice and garnish, drinksfusion provides links to a series of digital films it has created to help guide people to create the perfect cocktail, flawlessly executed each time, just like a professional.

The three boxes available to buy are:

  1. The Nordic Negroni Box (Limited Edition) – Price: £125 including standard delivery nationwide
  2. The Chocolate Box by drinksfusion x William Curley – Price: £135 including standard delivery nationwide
  3. The Mixology Box – Price from £365 plus delivery (only available in Greater London) Each box caters for 15 to 20 cocktails


For your DIY drink experience hand delivered to your door, please contact info@drinksfusion.com or go to drinksfusion.com


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