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Hancocks London is delighted to present a pair of Van Cleef & Arpels Art Deco cufflinks as its Jewel of the Month for October. Dated circa 1935, each of the four matching heads has a domed profile and is set with a central row of deep juicy red step-cut Burmese rubies. Either side of these are four elongated baguette cut diamonds set with spaces between them which allows light to pass through and keeps them looking airy.

Super stylish and oozing elegance, these cufflinks are typically Art Deco in design and have an understated feel despite their gem-rich composition. The curved profile creates depth and dimension and the diamonds have the quiet subtle sparkle associated with this style of cut.

The cufflinks were created around the same time as Van Cleef & Arpels registered their patent for the “Serti Mystérieux” or mystery setting with which they have become synonymous. This technique of setting small stones close together with no visible sign of metal created the illusion of the gems being held invisibly in place. An echo of that is seen in these cufflinks with the minimum of metal used only on the outer edges to ensure the focus is absolutely on the gems and not the setting.

Guy Burton, Director, Hancocks London, comments:

“Rubies mined in Burma have long been held as the absolute ideal in terms of colour for a ruby, they are an exceptionally beautiful rich deep red with neither too much brown nor pink in it, as you can see here. These beautiful gems are believed by many to symbolise passion, love, vitality and vigour and being the colour of blood, have been worn for centuries as a stone of protection. Useful when your job involves the level of danger that Bond’s does!

“These fabulous cufflinks are the perfect accessory for any stylish gentleman or would-be Bond, sure to elevate any formal attire with a touch of old world glamour and subtle sophistication James would surely approve of. Once put on, the next stop would be a bar serving the best vodka martinis in town…”

Price: £28,500


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