Hancocks is delighted to preview this striking Victorian onyx and gold cross pendant as its first Jewel of the Month for 2020.

A real statement piece, the pendant is Victorian, circ 1870s, and is in excellent condition.

Measuring 8.5cm long, 6cm wide, it is formed of four rectangular batons of strongly banded dark brown and white onyx which are set together to form a Latin cross. The centre point of the cross is set with a round cabochon in gold collar.

Guy Burton of Hancocks London says:

“This is quite a remarkable piece as although you do see banded onyx crosses from this era it’s unusual to find one of such high craftsmanship. Plus it is of a large size and all four batons have been carved from a single piece of onyx which gives the piece a certain class.”

“The pendant also hangs off its original thick handmade gold snake chain which is a masterpiece in its own right. It is most definitely a wonderful piece which we are delighted to offer to our clients at the start of 2020.”

Price: £14,500.00


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