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77% of the National Hair and Beauty Federation members say they feel “very prepared/prepared” to reopen now. Here’s one of many examples of how UK salon and L’Oréal partner, Gatsby & Miller, have been busy getting organised and making modifications for a safe reopening after lockdown that accounts for every step of the client in-salon journey.


Gatsby & Miller: The NEW 7 Steps of the Client In-salon Journey

  1. Arriving at the salon
    Gatsby & Miller will be optimising a digital screen in their window to display important messaging for clients so they know what to expect before they enter the salon, with reminders about social distancing and new hygiene measures for client safety.
  2. Check-in & reception
    Gatsby & Miller has installed a protective screen at the reception desk and will avoid congestion by ensuring a streamlined appointment flow and ask clients to move in one direction around the salon. One dedicated stylist will welcome clients and they will remain with this one stylist throughout the salon visit to help limit risk. Signage will be used to explain how the new client journey will run before the appointment begins. Stylists will be wearing personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) and will encourage clients to also wear a protective mask throughout the appointment. However, the salon will adapt rules in accordance with government guidelines. . Client PPE packs will also be given as well as disposable items being as eco-conscious as possible.
  3. Consultation
    Stylists will conduct short consultations in-salon or virtually prior to appointments to reduce the amount of time that clients will spend in the salon. Gatsby & Miller have been offering virtual consultations throughout lockdown very successfully.
  4. Backwash
    Gatsby & Miller has installed protective screens at the backwash and will be observing social distancing by blocking off some backwash stations, and each backwash station will be cleaned and disinfected after each appointment.
  5. Client Services
    Gatsby & Miller has a large spacious salon, which they have mapped and adapted to ensure that all clients and stylists will observe social distancing. If needed, the salon will also use protective screens between styling stations.
  6. Retail
    Gatsby & Miller has removed all product testers. The salon will use signage in retail areas and around the salon asking clients not to touch products. If a client wishes to purchase a product, they will let their stylist know, who will wipe products down before placing in a bag for the client to take home at the end of the appointment.
  7. Check-out
    Gatsby & Miller will be accepting contactless card payments and no cash. Contactless payments will be taken at styling stations and at the reception desk to help streamline appointments. The salon are also looking into online pre-paid appointments. The salon will rebook appointments at the styling station before clients leave. All touchpoints of each client appointment and all tools used will be cleaned and disinfected after each appointment.
Dawn Montgomery, Gatsby & Miller, Salon Manager

“We have been working on reorganising and modifying the salon for a number of weeks and we feel confident to reopen safely anytime from now. We have been taking note from salons reopening in Europe as inspiration, alongside helpful recommendations from our partners, L’Oréal and their Back to Business Salon Support Guide.

“We have sourced and secured the personal protective equipment that we may require for our team, whilst we await any official government guidance. The safety and wellbeing of our clients and team is our number one priority and throughout lockdown, we have increased communication with both parties to ensure everyone feels ready, confident and prepared for what to expect from the new in-salon journey.

“We are ready to open now and once we have the date, we will be booking a team-training day before commencing client appointments to walk the team through every new protocol that we are implementing. We will also be investing in a Risk Assessment expert to check the new modified salon environment and protocols so that we can be extra confident.

“We know that both the team and the clients are looking forward to going back into the salon; with the level of weekly communication, they know how thoroughly we and other hair salons are planning a safe reopening that caters for the highest standards of health and safety, whilst still delivering an enjoyable and relaxing experience.”

Beatrice Dautzenberg, Managing Director of the L’Oréal Professional Products Division,

“This crisis has been a challenging period for everyone and we have been providing as much support as we can for our salon partners to prepare to safely re-open. In fact, we have designed an E-learning to help train all hairdressers and salons on hygiene and safety, available on our L’Oréal Access online education platform in the coming days.

“The past few months have provided us with even greater awareness of the importance of our hairdressers (over 250, 000 in the UK) who are the beating heart of the community – and the demand from consumers for hair salons reopening is high. Hairdressing is the single largest contributor to the British Beauty Economy valued at GDP c. £6 billion, and salons play an integral part in communities and boost consumer wellbeing. As a committed partner to the industry, L’Oréal is proud to help our network of salons to re-open safely and to support the wellbeing of our employees, salon partners and consumers.”


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